Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hotspot: 'Make My Day' Concept Store

The other day I was walking down the oldest high street in Nijmegen and came across a shop that I had never seen before. It is called 'Make My Day' and it's a concept store. Which means that it's a retail store that goes beyond simply selling stuff and instead is appealing to a sense of lifestyle. Rather than just offering a selection of standard products for purchase, this type of store sells products that appeal to a particular type of costumer.

Anyway, of course I wanted to take a look inside. So, I did and it was pretty cool!
The interior was right up my street - it was like you walked into a Tumblr world, haha.
The shop does not only sell clothing for male and female. But also lots of quirky little bits and pieces, like vinyls, record players, books, old magazines, post cards and plants. And when I thought it couldn't get any better, that was when I saw that this shop is actually combined with a hair salon.

I'd really recommend taking a look for yourself if you're ever in Nijmegen.
Such a great place to get inspired.

Location: Stikke Hezelstraat 65, Nijmegen - The Netherlands


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