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Friday, 11 November 2016

Like Smoke // October 2016

I came across loads of pictures on Instagram that inspired me a lot to try something different with my photography. So this time I wanted to capture for example, the smoke of the cigarette.
This was actually harder than I thought because we were outside and there was a lot of wind.
But eventually I got the photos that I really wanted and of course I had to edit them in black and white because I think it brings out the contrast of the smoke even more. Also, some of the photo's I took (especially the ones with the brick wall) make me think of the UK Tv series "Skins" haha!

Model: Chris Diepenhorst
Camera: Canon 600D 50 mm 


Friday, 19 August 2016

Street Style Series // August 2016

Last week my best friend Femke and I went to Nijmegen Oost to take some photo's.
This time I tried something different. I wanted to make some portraits where the background is extra blurry and I'm actually pretty happy with the results!

50 mm lens F 1.8


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Portrait Series // Mike van Overbeek

A few months ago I really wanted to try and take some portrait photos, so I figured I'd just ask my brother if he wanted to be my model. It wasn't that hard to choose a location. I had this brick wall background in mind and so we went into town and took all the photos by the St. Stevenskerk in Nijmegen.

Equipment I used: Canon 600D and 50mm lens


Saturday, 16 April 2016

WAKKER SS16 Fashion Show

Yesterday I attended the fashion show of the new collection from the Dutch brand WAKKER. Which is created by Jettie Wakker.  
When my friend and I arrived at the 512 concept store in Nijmegen around 19:30 we got to try these amazing homemade stroopwafels (in all these different flavours). So, while eating we took the chance to look around the store.

- First a little bit more about the 512 store. It's basically a concept store where they not only sell clothing accessories and plants, but it's also a tea bar. Which is such a great idea! - 

Later when the show was about to start, the creator Jettie told us that this whole collection was inspired by geometric shapes and that she was excited and nervous to show us the clothing.
I was very impressed by the brand! And as it comes to fashion, I love the monochrome style.
It looks so beautiful! 

This collection is now available in the 512 store.

Van Broeckhuysenstraat 20 
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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